Welcome to our website!

We’re the Wigglesworth’s, hence our Children’s Nursery name Wiggles & Giggles! We established our company in 2014 and opened our first Nursery in  Stamford under this name in August 2017. So a little about how our story began. We are parents to two young children, our first born attended a Nursery previously which we became a little disheartened with. As parents we knew what our expectations were for our own child and so we sought to create a Nursery where our vision could be shared for all parents, who were looking for something a little more unique and genuine. By the time our second child had arrived we were well and truly on our way to finding a suitable location for our setting.

We knew as soon as we set foot in these two magnificent Georgian buildings in Stamford that we had found the right premises for Wiggles & Giggles Day Nursery. The gorgeous tall windows that flood the rooms with light, the space of the free flow rooms, all topped off with our sunshine yellow paint, makes for a cheery warm welcome. Indeed our Nursery is a beautiful backdrop but it is our staff that are the real heartbeat at the core of this family environment. Needless to say our staff are some of the most caring and kindest individuals we have ever had the pleasure of knowing. They are all dedicated to ensuring each child is treated as a treasured individual and given an abundance of learning opportunities through play. Our aim is quite simply to provide the best outcomes for children and families as we possibly can. 

We’re open Monday to Friday from 07.30am – 6.00pm so if you’d like to find out more then take a look around our website and if you like what you see either email us or call us on 01780 751222.