Key Person

What is a Key Person?

In order to ensure every child in the nursery is given the appropriate level of attention and care, a key person is appointed for each child. A key person is a named member of staff assigned to an individual child to support their development and act as the key point of contact with that child’s parents or carers. The key person has special responsibilities for working with a small number of children and helps build and develop positive relationships with children and between parents, carers and staff.

The key person is the family of the child’s initial, but not exclusive, point of contact with the nursery. Other staff will also maintain contact as it is unlikely that the key person will not always be on duty every time a child is brought to or collected from the nursery, if a key person is away ill or on annual leave their key children will be observed by another staff member in the room to maintain development.

Wherever possible we try and allow the child to bond with whomever they are naturally drawn to in their settling in period.