The Grasslands Room

The Grasslands Room – 3 to 4 year old’s

The Grasslands Room (Pre-School) is where we encourage small group activities, for example listening, communication, language and problem solving games. Although children are still choosing their own resources to play with and the environment is still very ‘child led’ there is an element of more ‘adult led’ activities within this room as we prepare your child to be ‘School ready’ when they leave.

During your child’s session we will offer purposeful play which comprises of activities which encourage your child’s development and learning through the seven areas of the EYFS.  Daily verbal handovers and the continuation of the Memories & Milestones Book keeps you abreast with your child’s ongoing Nursery journey.

We hold daily music & movement sessions and the children enjoy being vocal and using the musical instruments. When they want to be quieter, the children are encouraged to enjoy books or relax in their cosy corner.