Sensory Spaces

Here at Wiggles & Giggles we have a sensory space’s in both The Jungle Room for the babies and the Mr. Benn Room for the older children. In The Jungle Room it is incorporated into their ‘Cosy Corner’ in the main play area which can be closed off with blackout facilities to enable mood lighting to be set.  Staff plan exciting, varied activities to allow children to have experiences which are stimulating on one occasion and calming on another. It’s also a place that offers a quiet and peaceful space with a book.

Our Mr. Benn Room serves the 2- 4 year old’s a similar sensory experience where lights, resources filled with glitter, sand, coloured water, textures and smells are all in abundance.

These are magical spaces where children of all ages can enter a little world filled with soothing sounds, moving colours and shapes, bubble tubes, fairy lights, images created by disco balls, and textured walls to excite a myriad of senses.

 The benefits of sensory play are well known. They provide an oasis of relaxation which is vital for children’s emotional health, a place where they can rest and become interested in their environment.  Some will simply lie down and enjoy the magic while others will engage in the more interactive areas.  These experiences encourage hand and eye coordination, and the development of social and language skills. An overactive child or a distressed child can be comforted and calmed, an inactive child become engaged.