The Woodland Room

The Woodland Room – 2 to 3 year olds

We offer activities to stimulate expanding minds, including imaginative play, creative activities, and outdoor learning through play. At this point your child’s confidence and social skills are increasing and we support them in this whenever we can, offering social guidelines such as ‘kind hands’ and the ‘please and thank you song’ . We make their learning come alive with organised trips out into the community which tie in with the chosen monthly theme.

Each child has their own individual drawer where they can keep comforters or items they want to show the other children and where parents will be able to view their child’s Memories & Milestones Books and creative work to take home.

The Key Person will continue to share details about your child’s day with you, including their nutritional intake and well being on a daily basis through a written and verbal hand over. When the time comes for the transition into pants parent and child will be supported in their approach and timings with this and nap times shall continue to be given on an individual basis to meet the need’s of the child.

Our philosophy is “learning through play” therefore all our resources are at a child friendly level and children can access the toys and resources they wish to play with.  Arts and crafts are introduced from an early age here so our little one’s have plenty of opportunity to get messy!