Settling in at our Nursery

Being parents ourselves we understand how difficult it is to entrust your child into someone’s care that you and them are not familiar with, hence we have implemented this graduated approach. We feel this is more beneficial for both parent and child than the normal one or two hours introduction offered by most nurseries, which can sometimes cause great distress for both parent and child. We have formed the settling in period from our own experiences of how we felt as parents dropping off at Nursery for the first time.

We have a 1 – 2 week settling in period where you and your child can come for an hour a day familiarising yourself with both the environment and staff. This makes for the start of a great relationship between parent, Key Person and child and ensures we know as much as we possibly can about you and your child prior to them starting. We have found that this transitional period makes a child feel safe and secure which in turn enables the individual child to relax and enjoy their learning experiences better.

The settling in period is offered as part of our service at no extra cost and is inclusive of all children at our setting. We also use the same method for settling your child through their room transitions.