Our Staff

We choose Wiggles & Giggles staff for their caring attitude, playful natures and dedication to childcare, as well as their experience and qualifications. Our knowledgeable and enthusiastic team gives our children the best chance to achieve their potential. The vetting procedure for our staff employment is strict, we follow the ‘Safer Recruitment’ guidelines set out by Ofsted which includes an Enhanced DBS and references.

Wiggles & Giggles have in-house training programme’s delivered by WMCA as well as additional external courses to improve the quality of care offered to our children.

Staff Ratios:

Wiggles & Giggles work to the Ofsted guidelines of ratio of staff to children to ensure your child has the best level of care. The ratios differ according to the age group of children:

Under 2 years old:1 adult to 3 children
2 to 3 years old:1 adult to 4 children
3 years +:1 adult to 8 children

First Aiders:

All qualified nursery staff (Level 2+) are Paediatric First Aider’s and our Apprentices/ Trainee’s complete their Paediatric First Aid Certificate within the first 3 months of them starting with us. There is a first aid box complying with the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 which is kept in an accessible place out of the reach of children in every room. We also have a Health and Safety Officer (Elizabeth Wigglesworth) who makes sure all the H&S needs of the nursery are up to date.

Lincolnshire County Council Early Years Team:
Wiggles & Giggles Day Nursery works hand in hand with the Early Years Team at Lincolnshire County Council, which gives parents peace of mind that the care offered to their children is of the highest standard. They have been invaluable in their knowledge and guidance throughout our journey and cannot speak highly enough of the Early Years Team.


Elizabeth has previously worked as a Recruitment Consultant, a Personal Job Adviser working on Government contracts, before deciding to change career and launch a business. She has recently undertaken and gained her Level 3 in Childcare and is completing her training in Forest School Level 3.

James has been qualified as a Six Sigma Master Black Belt for the last 16 years and is a Continuous Improvement Specialist he has a degree and a Masters degree in Business & Manufacturing. He’s recently joined the Scouts as a voluntary Beavers Leader.

Nursery Manager

Christine is a highly qualified Childcare Practitioner with a wealth of knowledge and experience having worked with children for over twenty years. She is extremely passionate about childcare and strongly believes in the importance of educating, care, development and safety of children.  Christine is dedicated to ensuring Wiggles & Giggles maintains it’s high standards and well deserved status in the community.

Deputy Manager/ Room Leader

Hayley has worked in childcare for over twenty years and comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience within a Deputy Manager role. A mother of two herself Hayley is quietly confident and is a calming influence on the babies in the Jungle Room and the other children within the Nursery. 

Trainee Deputy Manager

Abbi is Level 6 qualified and brings a copious amount of enthusiasm to her role being a positive and approachable member of the team. She is based mainly in The Grasslands Room, however, shall be seen throughout the Nursery in all rooms as training proceed’s. Abbi is also SENco trained and is currently in the final stages of completing her Forest School training.

Room Leader – Grasslands Room (3-4 yrs)

Blair has 7 years experience of which 3 years have been with us. She has her Level 5 qualification and was promoted to Room Leader role for her dedication and excellence. She is a positive, organised and enthusiastic member of the team. 

Care Practitioner – Grasslands Room

Vanessa is a recently qualified Level 3 practitioner having previously been an Occupational Therapist she has a professional and caring disposition. Creative activities are her forte and she’s already demonstrated her natural flair with the children.

Care Practitioner – Grasslands

Sarah is also one of our SENco’s, is Level 3 qualified and has ten years experience. She has a very caring nature and is always their to help whether it be the children in her room, a parent or team member. She is now the proud mother to one!

Care Practitioner – Grasslands Room

Carmen has eight years experience and holds a Level 3 qualification. Always bubbly and smiley she oozes positivity and fun. Carmen has a great sense of humour and connects with all children in the setting with ease.

Room Leader – Woodlands Room (2-3 yrs)

Angela has over twenty years experience and is NNEB qualified, there isn’t much she doesn’t know about child development! She has the gift of being able to guide children in the right direction with ease and a positive, caring attitude. Angela is in the final stages of completing her Level 3 in Forest School.

Care Practitioner – Woodlands Room

Ellen is Level 3 qualified and has a ‘mothering’ nature which the children are drawn to. Quietly spoken, calm in nature and a really caring personality wins the children over in the Woodlands Room!

Care Practitioner – Woodlands Room

Eva is a Level 3 childcare practitioner and also holds a Degree in Primary Education in her native home of Spain. She has a great knowledge and understanding of child development and has already become an established member of the team. She has a natural ability with children and is sometimes referred to as our very own Pied Piper.

Care Practitioner – Woodlands Room

Lauren has three years experience and also brings with her two years of Forest School experience. Being a Level 3 qualified practitioner she is hoping to start training in her Level 3 Forest School in the near future and finds the outdoor learning exciting, fulfilling and oozes enthusiasm for the great outdoors.

Care Practitioner – Woodlands Room

Charlotte has recently joined our team having gained her Level 3 qualification earlier this year. Already she has formed great bonds with the children and team and is coming on leaps and bounds in her knowledge and abilities.

Room Leader – Jungle Room (3 months – 2 yrs)

Hayley has worked in childcare for over twenty years and comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience within a Deputy Manager and Room Leader role. A mother of two herself Hayley is quietly confident and is a calming influence on the babies in the Jungle Room and the other children within the Nursery. 

Care Practitioner – Jungle Room

Beth is Level 3 qualified and is also a mother. She enjoys working as a team, has a great sense of humour and is always willing to lend a hand wherever needed. She has bonded well with the children in her room and made some great parent partnerships.

Care Practitioner – Jungle Room

Michelle is the mother hen of our family! Having eighteen years experience in childcare and Level 3 qualified provides a good combination of knowledge, guidance and patience. Always at the ready to give a hug and supportive advice.

Care Practitioner – Jungle Room

Leanda has over 20 years experience and is Level 3 qualified, previously having been both a Deputy Manager and Manager of a Nursery before she brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and a calming presence to the children. She is also a mother of two.

Care Practitioner – Jungle Room

Ary has nine years experience, is Level 2 qualified and has started her Level 3 with us. She has previously been an English Teacher in a preschool in her native home of Mexico. She is keen to support the children’s Spanish speaking skills alongside the BilinguaSing classes that are held on site.

Nursery Cook

Our dedicated Cook Christine is an absolute treasure! There’s nothing this lady doesn’t know about providing a healthy and nutritiously balanced menu for our little ones. She has gained a consecutive 5 star rating from the Environment Agency since she came on board with us three years ago and has handled allergens and dietary preferences with ease. 

Nursery Cook

Having recently joined us Louise is a whizz in the kitchen having been in catering for some considerable time she has taken to Nursery cooking and all that comes with it with ease. She has a great sense of humour and professionalism.

All our staff are not only chosen for their qualifications, experience and personality but are chosen by our ‘rule of thumb’ which is quite simply a question to ourselves, ‘would I be happy leaving my child with you?’. As a parent, rest assured that if the answer is ‘no’ then I’m afraid that candidate does not become employed here. We pride ourselves on the knowledge that our staff are members of a very trusted team of skilled practitioner’s and our standards shall remain as such. All our staff are dedicated to providing the highest quality care and learning for your children. We are immensely proud of our team and the fantastic work they do everyday in what can sometimes be a very challenging role.